How to make gravy from pork in the multicooker

How to make gravy from pork in the multicooker

Gravy - the addition to any garnish doing it more juicy and tasty. It is possible to make it as from mushrooms, vegetables, and from meat. The gravy from pork made according to the recipe which is offered below always turns out incredibly gentle, it won't be able to leave indifferent any gourmet.

It is required to you

  • - 500 grams of pork;
  • - 200 grams of champignons;
  • - one bulb;
  • - one carrots;
  • - 250 grams of meat soup;
  • - tablespoon of tomato paste;
  • - tablespoon of spicy or sweet ketchup;
  • - tablespoon of sour cream (fat);
  • - salt and pepper (to taste);
  • - two-three garlic gloves;
  • - two bay leaves;
  • - 30 ml of vegetable oil.


1. First of all it is necessary to wash out well pork in cold water and to cut it with small pieces. Cut with plates mushrooms, previously having husked large champignons on a hat.

2. In a bowl of the multicooker to pour out all prepared vegetable oil (30 ml), to lay out meat, to salt, pepper to taste and to put the mode frying for 15 minutes. The first five minutes it is necessary to fry pork at the closed cover, and other ten - at open. During this time it is necessary to mix meat not less than three times.

3. Crush carrots and onions. Lay out vegetables and mushrooms to meat and to set the mode frying for 10 minutes. To mix everything and to fry at an open cover of the multicooker, without forgetting to stir slowly with mix.

4. After time to add to meat with vegetables sour cream, ketchup, tomato paste and broth (if there is no meat soup, then it is possible to add also vegetable), everything properly to mix, salt and pepper to taste, to add the favourite spices and to set the mode suppression for 30 minutes. Prepare at the closed multicooker cover.

5. Crush garlic and in five minutes prior to the end of cooking to add it and bay leaf to gravy. On the end of cooking not to open a cover of the multicooker even minutes 10-15 that vegetables properly upret.

6. Shift ready gravy in a deep dish and give to a table. Given viands perfectly it is combined as with pasta, rice and buckwheat, and with mashed potatoes.

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