How to make herring in a mustard sauce

How to make herring in a mustard sauce

The recipe of herring in mustard to the world was presented by Finland. Now the given dish is cooked in many countries, making little changes to a classical compounding. And yet it is interesting to learn how this dish is cooked in the homeland?

How to prepare herring

At first it is necessary to prepare salty herring. On a carcass do 2 cross cuts near gills. Then, fish is cut along the ridge in the direction from a tail to the head. Cut off the head, a tail and rip up a paunch. Having removed all entrails, the carcass is washed out in cold flowing water, removing the belly nap covering an inner surface of a paunch.

Having shifted a herring to a cutting board, the carcass is beaten off a knife handle on both sides. Husk and run between meat and a spine of a herring a finger. After that one half of fillet easily separates from a spine bone and edges. The spine bone with other edges is taken out from the soulmate of fillet. It is necessary only to remove large stones.

It is necessary to cut some fillet under an inclination, holding a knife almost parallel to a cutting board. In this case cutting will turn out thin and especially beautiful.

The recipe of herring in mustard

Herring in a mustard sauce possesses a pungent sweet-sour flavor. To prepare a mustard sauce, will be required: mustard, crude egg, lemon juice, sugar, vegetable oil. Cutting of fillet of a herring needs previously to be wetted in vegetable oil approximately for an hour. Begin to cook sauce after this time. If herring seems too salty, it is possible to add small chopped bulb which will incorporate a part of salt to vegetable oil. Crude egg is pounded with a teaspoon of granulated sugar. When mix turns white and sugar will be dissolved completely, add a tablespoon of mustard to it and continue to shake up before receiving homogeneous mass. Add 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil in which herring, and a teaspoon of lemon juice lay to sauce. Sauce is pounded to uniform consistence again. The ready gas station has to remind liquid sour cream on density. After addition of lemon juice, sauce has to brighten and become more magnificent. Pieces of a herring shift in small capacity and fill in with a mustard sauce. Further, spread the following layer from fish and again fill in with sauce. Thus, fill capacity and send it to the fridge approximately for 2 hours. If the herring in a mustard sauce is prepared from a fresh fish, it is desirable to add more lemon juice about sauce. In this case recommend to keep ready herring in the fridge not less than 2 days that fish was properly kept waiting. It is better to serve to a table a herring in mustard with boiled potatoes and a rye bread.

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