How to make home-made rum

How to make home-made rum

Rum is strong alcoholic drink which homeland the island of Barbados is considered. Receive this drink by a sbrazhivaniye and distillation of treacle at a cane sugar manufacture.

Traditionally rum is considered drink of pirates and robbers, originates from ancient times. History of this drink begins with that moment when A. Macedon's wars delivered a sugar cane to Europe, then this plant got into America.

On the Caribbean islands the nature favored to the fact that reed reached height about 5 meters. Once slaves noticed that the treacle which is formed after production of sugar is fermented in alcohol. On Caribbean Islands mastered process of distillation of treacle and produced the first rum. Further production of rum extended also to other countries.

For preparation of home-made rum it is required to you:

- 1 l of 97% of alcohol;

- 50 ml of rum essence;

- 10 ml of vanilla essence;

- 10 ml of pineapple essence;

- 300 g of sugar;

- 600 ml of water.

Mix rum, pineapple and vanilla essences together with alcohol in a separate container. In a pan boil 500 ml of water and 200 g of granulated sugar to receive a sugar syrup.

Prepare burned sugar. For this purpose on a frying pan pour 1 tablespoon of water, put 100 g of sugar and heat on small fire. Constantly stir slowly a sugar syrup that it turned out equal color. At first sugar will have an amber shade, then golden and brown. After sugar gains brown color, pour in it in 100 ml of hot water and let's still any time prokipet.

Pour sugar in a separate form or a container and put in a cold spot that it stiffened.

Water the turned-out burned sugar with a hot sugar syrup and stir until it isn't dissolved entirely.

Mix sugar mix with essences and alcohol, pour on bottles and cork. Drink within 3-4 weeks will infuse, then it is necessary to filter it.

Before the use it is accepted to add small pieces of ice to rum. Also rum it is accepted to have a snack on exotic fruit, it is perfectly combined with fruit juices.

It is necessary to store rum in densely corked bottle in the dark and cool place, otherwise the fortress of drink will decrease. Recommend to place a bottle in a silver flask.

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