How to make home-made sausage: 5 excellent recipes

How to make home-made sausage: 5 excellent recipes

Home-made sausage – a tasty alternative to purchased meat delicacies. There is a set of recipes, the majority of which can quite be embodied in own kitchen. Any meat will approach: pork, beef, chicken meat, turkey and even horse-flesh. Correctly picked up spices and exact respect for technology will help to make a dish more tasty.

Home-made sausage from pork

Pork – the most available and very gentle meat. From it it is possible to prepare a delicacy with the minimum content of fat which will melt in the mouth.


  • 2 kg of boneless low-fat pork;
  • 1 egg;
  • 5 tablespoons of cream powder;
  • 5 garlic gloves;
  • salt and sugar to taste;
  • black sprinkling pepper;
  • fragrant herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano).

Peel meat from veins and a fat streak, to pass via the blender or to turn in the meat grinder. Add the cleaned garlic, cream powder, sugar and salt, to process once again. If in forcemeat veins come across, the procedure can be repeated. Ready mix has to be uniform and gentle. Add to it egg and ground black pepper. Knead forcemeat hands.

Spread the sheet of parchment on a table, lay out on it meat preparation, having created the extended long loaf. To densely inwrap forcemeat, having twirled at the edges tails. That the parcel wasn't untwisted, to record them a cord. Make several sausages of the small size, to inwrap everyone in a foil.

Boil water in a pan, lay out sausages, close a cover and cook not less than an hour on slow fire. Take out products a skimmer, cool and remove in the fridge for 8-12 hours. Then to develop parcels, to roll in sausages in the crushed fragrant herbs and again to inwrap in dry parchment. Finished products are stored in the fridge 2 weeks.

Chicken sausage

Very gentle product which can be given as tasty hot appetizer or a main course.


  • 2 kg of chicken quarters;
  • 5 garlic gloves;
  • 1 tablespoons of mustard grains;
  • salt and pepper to taste;
  • curry mix;
  • natural guts.

Strip flesh and pass via the meat grinder. Add the crushed garlic, salt, pepper, a curry, mustard grains. Carefully to knead everything. Clean guts and fill them with forcemeat through a special nozzle. From the specified amount of ingredients 3-4 sausages will turn out.

Lay finished products on a baking tray and place in the oven warmed up to 180 degrees. Prepare 15 minutes, then puncture a skin in several places and again to put in the furnace. Bake sausages before formation of a ruddy crust, give hot.

Hot sausages

From pork very juicy sausages which are better for serving with vegetables turn out.


  • 3 kg of a pork neck;
  • 700 g of lard;
  • 3 tablespoons of water;
  • 3 voices of garlic;
  • fresh pork guts;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Wash out, clean and wet guts for 2 hours. Once again to wash out covers. To cut meat and fat very small pieces, to pass garlic through a press, to add water, pepper, salt, carefully to knead everything. Fill covers with forcemeat by means of a nozzle for the meat grinder, to tie up the ends a thread.

In a big pan to boil water and to lay out sausage, previously having punctured a cover in several places. In 7 minutes to take out products a skimmer and to place in a roasting sleeve together with small pieces of fat. Fry in the warmed oven 1.5 hours. In 10 minutes prior to readiness to open a sleeve that sausages were reddened.

Dry-cured sausage

The delicacy with a sharp and pungent flavor can be prepared houses, but process will be long. It is the best of all to use not too fat pork or beef.


  • 2 kg of fast pork;
  • 800 g of a shpig;
  • 40 g of nitrite salt;
  • 1 tsps of shredded allspice;
  • 2 tsps of ground white pepper;
  • 2 tsps of a garlic powder;
  • pork guts.

And шпиг to place meat in the freezer at several o'clock, to cut thin strips. Pour dry ingredients and to mix carefully. Fill with forcemeat the washed-out guts, tips to stick a thread. Lay products on pallets, press down oppression and place in the fridge for 3-4 days. Then to hang out sausages in the dry and warm place for 15-20 days. Ready delicacies are well stored in the fridge.

Sausages from a turkey

Option of dietary delicacy for which preparation special covers aren't necessary.


  • 250 g of ground turkey;
  • 200 g of ground beef;
  • 1 bulb;
  • 1 tsps of salt;
  • 2 tsps of Dijon mustard;
  • pepper to taste;     
  • nutmeg pinch;
  • 5 tsps of a coriander.

Crush, mix onions with ground turkey and beef, to add salt and seasonings. Knead everything hands, cover forcemeat with a film and remove in the fridge for half an hour. Create small sausages, spread out on a pallet and place in the freezer. Fry products in a frying pan or a grill, to give with fresh salad and a garden sauce.

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