How to make hot chocolate

How to make hot chocolate

The romantic potion, is framed especially for two careful hearts, throughout long time pleases people with the aroma and refined taste. Hot chocolate is often mentioned in love affairs, and the recipe for this voluptuous drink here is how simple not all know.

In principle, prepare hot chocolate in house conditions is very simple, and for this purpose it isn't necessary any complex ingredients and additives at all. To make hot chocolate we need sugar, water, milk and naturally chocolate. Chocolate can be previously crushed, crumbled or presented by chocolate powder.

If you want to make tasty drink, but at the same time with a slightly bitter taste element, then buy 60% bitter chocolate. Don't save on chocolate, not everything that is called natural chocolate it actually and is.

So, we will start. Crush a third of a chocolate bar on a large grater and mix the received shaving with sugar (tablespoon). Add to the received mix it is a little boiled water (3 tablespoons enough), and then pound capacity contents to homogeneous mass. Make sure that homogeneous mass doesn't contain lumps, and only after it add to it a glass of hot milk. Before completion of preparation rather carefully to mix mix and to pour it in a glass. Other recipe of hot chocolate says: chocolate before mixing needs to be kindled, and then to pound or stir with a glass of hot milk. To make more distinguished drink add to it cream, cognac or fresh strawberry. If you consider that the received drink too liquid - add to it several spoons of starch, it won't spoil taste, but will give to viscosity. Drinking of hot chocolate pleasant to you, drink which disperses blood on veins with a special speed. 

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