How to make hough in German

How to make hough in German

Hough, or pork shank, it is possible to bake, smoke, give as snack or second course. Recipes with use of this part of pork gammon are characteristic of national cuisines of Germany and Russia. It is possible to make hough in German quickly and simply. For this purpose it isn't necessary to have any special skills and extensive culinary experience.


Two pork houghs will be necessary for preparation of a dish. Grate them with pepper, salt and garlic, add a marjoram and roast on strong fire in a high frying pan within 15 minutes. In 5 minutes until ready place in a frying pan small cut carrots, a celery, onions and leave before emergence of a golden crust. Then pour in beer.


Further put a dish in an oven and bake about an hour at a temperature of 200-220 °C, periodically watering with beer broth.


Hough is in German simply inconceivable without a cabbage garnish. It perfectly supplements rather fatty meat. While pork shank is baked, fry in a frying pan in melted fat onions, add cabbage and you extinguish within 1.5 hours, periodically stirring slowly. Fill the received mix with pepper, salt and a marjoram.


Lay out houghs on a plate and give with a ready garnish from cabbage.


At two hostesses who are perfectly knowing how to make hough in German, this dish identical on taste will never turn out. As, however, and any other. Having mastered all cunnings and having learned to cook hough in German, you will be able to experiment, and gradually you will have small cunnings and confidential ingredients.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team