How to make house French fries?

How to make house French fries?

This way of preparation of French fries is convenient to what for a dish is required oils about the same as usually take for frying of "usual" potato.

Take 6-7 average tubers of potatoes, wash and clean them. To get rid of surplus of starch, it is better to wash out potatoes not one, but two times. For 6-7 potatoes you will need about 300 ml. oils. Choose for frying strong tubers, without holes and dark dots. Put a deep frying pan on strong fire and pour in it in vegetable oil. While oil gets warm, cut potatoes.

For cutting it is possible to use the special tool, and it is possible to use a usual kitchen knife and to chop tubers straws. If you begin to cut potatoes usual bars, then it won't manage to be fried thoroughly properly. Surely lay out the prepared straw potatoes on a kitchen towel that potatoes dried, otherwise not to avoid formation of splashes.

In the boiling oil evenly lay out the third part of the prepared straws that it managed to be fried thoroughly completely. Usually for roasting there are enough four minutes. Spread a paper towel on a tray and lay out on it ready potato that surplus of oil was absorbed in paper. It is possible to salt potatoes directly on a towel. The same procedure needs to be repeated with the rest of straw potatoes. When oil begins to burn, pour in fresh and let's it be heated properly. In such simple way you will be able to make French fries in house conditions. It can be given as a garnish or as an independent dish. Such potatoes with a cheese sauce are especially good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team