How to make house mayonnaise

How to make house mayonnaise

Mayonnaise – nearly the most popular sauce in the world which homeland France is considered. It is capable to impact new relish even to habitual dishes. In shops the wide range of this product is presented, but it is simple to prepare it houses. And on gustatory qualities home-made mayonnaise concedes nothing to store.

Main recipe of home-made mayonnaise

For preparation of home-made mayonnaise it is necessary to take the following ingredients:

- 750 ml of refined sunflower oil; - 6 eggs;

- 24 g of prepared mustard; - 150 ml of 3% of vinegar; - 20 g of granulated sugar; - 15 g of salt. Very carefully separate the whites from the yolks. Lay proteins, they won't be necessary for preparation of mayonnaise. And add mustard, salt to yolks and properly stir a wooden scapula. Previously cool sunflower oil to 12-16os then gradually, on 2-3 tablespoons, continuously shaking up, add it to yolks. The cooled vegetable oil well is emulsified, that is breaks into small balls which don't connect with each other, and are distributed on a yolk. As a result the dense sauce which is well keeping on a scapula has to turn out. Add granulated sugar and vinegar to the made sauce, carefully stir everything to uniformity. Quicker and more conveniently to cook sauce by means of the mixer or the blender, but it is possible to shake up components and manually. After introduction of vinegar, mayonnaise becomes more liquid and gains white color. If desired vinegar in the recipe can be replaced with lemon juice or citric acid. You store ready mayonnaise in enameled or to china, it is obligatory in the fridge.

Recipe of a lung of mayonnaise

Keeping a figure can make light mayonnaise which fat content doesn't exceed 50%. For its preparation it is required: - 3 glasses of cold water; - 2 eggs; - 4 tsps of prepared mustard; - 1 l of vegetable oil (refined); - 3 tablespoons of 3% of vinegar; - 4 tablespoons of flour; - 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar; - 2 tsps of salt. Cast a little water, add flour and carefully stir to uniformity. Mix on consistence has to turn out similar to dense sour cream. Put the remained water on fire and bring to the boil. Then add flour mix and, stirring slowly, cook kissel. Cool it, add crude eggs, salt, sugar, vinegar and mustard. Shake up the mixer to uniformity. Then it is careful, continuously shaking up, pour a thin stream in vegetable oil (sunflower, corn or mix sunflower with olive). Shake up sauce to uniform consistence. Cool ready mayonnaise and you store in hermetically closed ware in the fridge. In home-made mayonnaise it is possible add any given components and to impact to sauce a pungent original flavor. For example, the crushed garlic added to mayonnaise perfectly is combined with crisp toasts and meat dishes. If sauce is cooked for fish dishes or seafood, then it is possible to add a lemon dried peel, grated on a small grater, to it. If vegetables refuel mayonnaise, but it is possible to add a grated cheese or small cut olives to it.

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