How to make houses protein cocktail

How to make houses protein cocktail

Protein cocktail is a proteinaceous drink which quickly fills shortage of protein in an organism. Therefore take protein cocktail for weight loss during a diet and for active extension of muscles. Besides it well satisfies hunger and saturates an organism with complex carbohydrates.

It is required to you

  • Fresh milk – 0.5 l
    • proteinaceous powder (powdered milk) – 50 g
    • skim cheese – 100 g
    • frozen berries or fruit syrup to taste
    • spoon of coconut or linseed oil.


1. To make protein cocktail in house conditions, it is necessary to mix in the mixer 0.5 l of a fresh milk with two-three proteinaceouspowder teaspoons (powdered milk).

2. Then to put 100 g of skim cheese in mix and it is good to shake up within 10-15 seconds.

3. Add proteinaceous powder again. About 0.6 l of a milk mix have to turn out. Mix to a uniform state.

4. Now to put a frozen berries in ready protein cocktail. Except improvement of taste, they are antioxidants. It is possible to put an ice cube or to add fruit syrup.

5. That protein cocktail filled the energy spent for trainings, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to it (coconut or linen).

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