How to make jam in the bread machine

How to make jam in the bread machine

Fans of sweet will surely be enraptured with that opportunity which modern bread machines are capable to present them. It appears, in these devices it is possible not only to bake tasty and crunchy wheat roll or onions bar, but also to make jam. And for this purpose it isn't required to stand long at a plate, stirring slowly with the raging slush from berries and sugar. The smart equipment will make everything for you. Berry or fruit jam today – it is so simple.

It is required to you

  • berries or fruit – about 500 g,
    • sugar – 150 g,
    • lemon juice – 1 tablespoon.


1. To make jam in the bread machine, you need not enough time (about one and a half hours) and the minimum set of products. Take berries or fruit at your discretion. The fact is that in this household device it is possible to make both berry, and fruit jam, depending on your flavoring preferences, availability of a certain ingredient in the fridge and a season of year. Carefully wash up the used berries or fruit and save them from tails and stones.

2. Then already bread machine is used. Install the device on a plain surface, put on the mixer a form spindle. Make sure that the last "sat down" correctly, densely.

3. Put the prepared berries or fruit, sugar and lemon juice in a form. Shake a form in order that products mixed up a little.

4. Insert a form into bakery. The last has to settle down exactly, vertically, steadily. Then close a cover and install the appropriate program on the control panel of the device. Safely press "Start-up" and go on the affairs. In an hour with small the bread machine a sound signal will notify you that managed to make jam, and you can try it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team