How to make jam of a quince

How to make jam of a quince

The quince is often used in cookery. It is added to pies, to meat, cook compotes, jam. Jam because the quince is rich with pectinaceous substances turns out especially tasty and forms jellylike weight when cooking.

It is required to you

  • Recipe 1:
    • 3 kg of a quince;
    • 1 kg of sugar;
    • 1 l of water;
    • citric acid.
    • Recipe 2:
    • 1 kg of a quince;
    • 800 g of sugar;
    • Recipe 3:
    • 2 articles of pieces of a quince;
    • 1 cups of the peeled and cut ginger;
    • 2 cups of water;
    • 2 cups of sugar.


1. The recipe 1dlya jam choose ripe fruits with juicy pulp. Wet them in cold water for several minutes, then wash up, dry a napkin and rind a knife. Cut a quince on segments and fill in with weak solution of citric acid. It is necessary in order that fruits didn't darken.

2. Prepare syrup for cooking of jam. For this purpose fill in sugar with water and heat to full dissolution. When syrup begins to boil, pour in it in a basin with a quince. Let's stand several hours for treatment of fruits. Then put on fire and you cook until pieces of a quince become transparent, and syrup will thicken to a jellylike state. After readiness shift jam in hot sterile banks and roll up.

3. The recipe 2zamochite a quince in cold water, then rub off it and clean. Grate or cut small pieces. Fill in with a small amount of water and put to cook. When fruits become pulpy, add sugar (parts), continue to cook until ready. Determine the end of cooking by a drop method if it dense, then spread out jam on sterile banks and roll up. Turn banks covers down and wrap up.

4. 3ochishchennuyu and the quince cut into cubes fill in the recipe with a sugar syrup and you cook before softening. Then wipe it through a sieve, add small cut ginger and you cook until weight gains jellylike consistence. Shift jam in hot sterile banks and close boiled covers.

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