How to make jam of orange-peels

How to make jam of orange-peels

Juicy, fragrant bright oranges represent value not only as tasty and useful fruit, but also as a source of the dried peel which found broad application in industrial production of refined liqueurs and confectionery. In house conditions it is possible to make very gentle, incredibly tasty and original jam from the orange-peels having the form of curls.

Having eaten orange, you shouldn't hurry to throw out the remained crusts in a garbage can: dried and crushed by means of the coffee grinder into powder, they can successfully be used as natural fragrance at baking of cookies or cakes; small dry slices of a dried peel add to tea leaves for aromatization of tea; infusion of a peel helps to frighten off ants, and fresh raw materials go for preparation of unusually beautiful jam from orange-peels.

Jam requires three large oranges which are carefully washed with hot water and scalded by boiled water. Fruit cut in half then each half is cut on separate segments and peel them. Classical recipes assume additional 3-day soaking of crusts with regular change of water – it will allow to eliminate excessive bitterness and to give additional softness to preparations.

After soaking from the inside of an orange peel delete a loose white coating and each strip accurately turn in a hard spiral. Ready spirals densely string on a strong thread, like a beads, fill in with cold water and cook within 15-20 minutes then water is drained and repeat cooking process 3 more times. After each discharge it is recommended to wash out an orange peel in cold water.

Then in a wide pan prepare syrup: on half a kilo of the boiled thoroughly orange-peels about 750 g of sugar and 250 ml of water leave. "Beads" from a peel lowers in a sugar syrup and on slow fire brings to the boil and cooks about 20-30 minutes. After that jam is removed from fire, allow to cool down and once again repeat cooking process, after boiling having added juice of a half of a lemon.

After jam from orange-peels completely cools down, delete threads from curls and shift them in a dry clean can. 

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