How to make jam wine with rice

How to make jam wine with rice

In Japan one of traditional alcoholic beverages is to Saca as many speak, "the Japanese vodka". Feature to Saca is that it is made on the basis of rice. Here and in Russia decided to adopt a way of preparation with use of rice and thought up a set of recipes of wine from rice.

It is necessary to tell that wine isn't characteristic Japan, this drink was alien to the Land of the rising sun up to the end of the 20th century. Only in the seventies in the local market there were first grades of the wines made in Japan.

Berry jam wine with rice

For preparation of such original wine in the Japanese style you will need the following ingredients: - the liter jam 1 or 1.5 (which began to ferment, spoiled),

- rice 1.5 glasses, - 4.5 liters of water.

Mix ingredients in the nonmetallic vessel and carefully a peremnita. When you understand that this weight is completely kneaded and took rather uniform form, pour everything in a large bottle and close a stopper or a rubber glove. All mix has to begin to ferment, having accepted more dark shade. Future wine it is necessary to leave alone in the dark warm place, it is necessary to watch only intensity of process, it happens that gas from fermentation breaks a glove (which will be inflated practically all the time) and pushes out container contents outside.

When draining you watch that the dense and muddy deposit remained in a container, it isn't used.

In a month, wine needs to be merged, so much time will be required for final process of preparation. Usually wine is merged in 3-liter jars and left for day, without closing a cover. At this time drink "breathes". Day later safely pour and try, you will feel rather astringent flavor.

By the way, for acceleration of process it is possible to add some yeast, then much quicker you receive ready wine. However, judges are claimed that the taste loses tartness.

Apple jam wine with rice

- apple jam 1 liter, - dirty rice 1 glass, - yeast of 20 grams. Take a 5-liter jar, put in it jam, rice and yeast and fill in all with warm water without leading up liquid level to the brim a little. Carefully mix this weight and close a rubber glove, previously having made several punctures in it a needle that the glove didn't fly to fermentation time. Deliver to bank to the dark warm place approximately for 3-4 weeks. The first 2 weeks wine will actively ferment then wine will become cloudy and will give a characteristic deposit. Drink only will be ready when liquid takes a transparent form. Pour wine on large bottles, having added to everyone on a tablespoon of white sugar, leave for a week. Then you can taste.

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