How to make jam with gelatin

How to make jam with gelatin

Gelatin represents substance which is applied to preparation of fruit jelly, jelly and even jam. It is very useful also to a cardiovascular system, and to bones. This product is irreplaceable for those who want to keep for a long time beauty and youth as it positively influences a condition of skin, a hair and nails. And therefore it is worth making jam with gelatin, it will bring big benefit to your organism.

Jam with gelatin: recipe

For preparation of jam with gelatin it is required to you: - 1 kg of sugar;

- 1 kg of plums, apricots, peaches, kiwi or other fruit / berries; - 40 g of gelatin.

Give preference to usual gelatin, but not instant. The last often is low-quality or doesn't inflate as it is necessary. If you are sure of high quality of instant gelatin, at preparation of jam draw it not 8 hours, but 1-2 hours. As for sugar, if desired you can replace it with fructose. It is perfectly combined with gelatin and doesn't affect its properties in any way.

Carefully wash out fruit or berries, clean and cut. As option, you can scroll them in the meat grinder. The way chosen by you depends on what consistence of jam is necessary to you. Mix sugar and gelatin. Fill up with the received mix the crushed berries or fruit then leave them approximately for 8 hours. Put weight in the enameled pan, bring it to the boil and add to it the necessary amount of water. After that it is necessary that it boiled within 5-7 minutes. All this time stir slowly mix, but not too intensively if you want that fruit or berries the appearance. Periodically scum from a product surface. Further you can or preserve ready jam with gelatin or give it to tea.

Jam from ревня with gelatin: recipe

For preparation of jam from a rhubarb with gelatin it will be required to you: - 5 glasses of the cut rhubarb; - 1 bag of gelatin or powder for strawberry jelly; - 3 glasses of sugar. In a big pan mix a rhubarb and sugar. Cover it and let's stand all night long. Next morning boil mix on weak fire. You cook, stirring slowly, within 12 minutes on the weakest fire. Then remove a pan from fire and pour out in it gelatin or powder for jelly from a bag. Stir jam and spread out on sterile banks. Either roll up banks, or put in the fridge.

Rhubarb jam with pineapple and gelatin: recipe

For preparation of jam from a rhubarb with pineapple and gelatin take: - 5 glasses of a rhubarb; - 500 g (1 bank) of tinned pineapples; - 4 glasses of sugar; - 1 bag of gelatin or powder for strawberry jelly. Clean and cut a rhubarb, small cut tinned pineapples. In a big pan mix sugar, a rhubarb and pineapples. Bring this weight to the boil on weak fire, then you cook within 10 minutes, periodically stirring slowly with a spoon. Along with it sterilize banks. As soon as mix was boiled thoroughly 10 minutes, at once remove it from fire and add to a pan gelatin or powder for jelly. Having mixed ready jam, shift it in the sterilized banks and close them covers. Boil all banks within about 15 minutes and cool them. Those banks which weren't closed as it is necessary can be stored in the fridge.

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