How to make kalinovy tincture?

How to make kalinovy tincture?

Do tasty jam of berries of a guelder-rose, squeeze out juice, cook fruit jelly and a fruit candy. If you are already familiar with these recipes, try something new - for example, kalinovy tincture. Drink turns out very tasty, it has a subtle recognizable shade of kalinovy berries and saturated ruby-red color.

Medical tincture on a guelder-rose

Kalinovy tincture will help at cold, a hypertension and pulmonary diseases. In the medical purposes it is necessary to accept no more than three tablespoons of drink after a meal. Tincture can be recommended and after especially nourishing meals - the small glass will help to digest plentiful food quicker.

It is required to you: - 500 g of a guelder-rose; - 0.5 l of vodka.

Touch berries. Small it is possible to leave on brushes, big it is better to tear off, having destemed. Wash out a guelder-rose in several waters, then dry up, having scattered on a towel. Lay out berries in a two-liter bottle, without stamping them. Fill in vodka in capacity. Close a bottle and put it to the dark place for 3 weeks. Filter ready tincture, pour on bottles and densely a zakuporta.

Collect a guelder-rose after the first frosts - berries will develop more delicate flavor and will lose bitterness.

Kalinovy tincture on honey

It is possible to add honey to tincture - it will give to drink light sweet and pleasant smack. It is required to you: - 500 g of a guelder-rose; - 500 ml of vodka; - 1 tablespoon of liquid honey.

Instead of vodka for tincture it is possible to use brandy, or the peeled moonshine.

Touch a guelder-rose and wash out, then cast away on a colander. Dry berries on a towel and fill up them in a two-liter large bottle. There lay out honey, and then fill in a guelder-rose with vodka. Densely close a bottle and place it in the dark place for 2 weeks. From time to time capacity needs to be stirred up. In 2 weeks filter tincture and pour on bottles, having densely closed them. You store drink in the dark place.

Guelder-rose and sea-buckthorn tincture

The guelder-rose can be mixed with other useful berry - a sea-buckthorn. Take the turned-out tincture in the preventive and medical purposes or give as a didzhestiv. It is required to you: - 3 kg of a guelder-rose; - 1 kg of a sea-buckthorn; - 2 glasses of sugar; - 2 liters of vodka. Touch a sea-buckthorn and a guelder-rose, remove litter and branches. Wash out berries, cast away on a colander, and then dry, having scattered on a clean towel. Fill up berries in in advance washed up and dried up banks. Fill in vodka in capacity and leave to infuse for 2 weeks. Decant liquid from cans and place it in the dark place. Fill up berries with sugar, close banks covers, well stir up and leave it for 2 weeks. Then merge the formed syrup and mix it with an alcoholature. Mix ready drink, pour on bottles and densely a zakuporta. You store tincture in the dark cool place.

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