How to make kvass from rye flour

How to make kvass from rye flour

Kvass in Russia was always considered as traditional drink, any hostess was able to train him. Kvass could be drunk constantly: before work to satisfy thirst, before and after food, etc. Recipes of its preparation great variety. But the most widespread and all favourite kvass from rye flour is considered.

It is required to you

  • For kvass from rye flour:
    • ½ glasses of sugar
    • 5 kg of rye flour
    • 8 l of water
    • 15 g of a fresh yeast.
    • For kvass from a rye bread with crackers:
    • ½ rolls of bread (for crackers)
    • rye flour
    • sugar
    • 30 g of yeast


1. Part yeast in warm water and leave for increase in volume.

2. Fill in rye flour with boiled water and knead dough that the consistence of dense sour cream turned out. Let's the test cool down approximately up to 35 degrees.

3. Then part with boiled warm water, add sugar and the risen yeast. Mix everything and leave before fermentation process approximately for day.

4. After that filter and put in the fridge for two days.

5. It is possible to diversify and prepare this recipe kvass from a fried rye bread. For a start prepare crackers from bread. Fry them till that color what shade you want to receive kvass. If it is good to fry thoroughly bread to a dark crust, then dark kvass with saturated taste will turn out, and slightly reddened crackers will give to kvass light color.

6. In a 3-liter jar lay a tablespoon of rye flour, a tablespoon of sugar and a fresh yeast. Fill in all with warm water and leave prior to fermentation process. Wait for the moment when from above to appear a cap from foam. Add a little more sugar to taste, fried croutons there and add warm water to mix. Don't forget to leave the space for fermentation, it approximately prior to narrowing banks.

7. Cover capacity with dense fabric and put on a tray not to soil a table with the flowing-down droplets during fermentation.

8. Best of all for bank with kvass to store in the cool place about 2 days. When it gains right color, filter it through a gauze and again put in a cold spot. Such drink can already be drunk.

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