How to make magnificent powdered milk fritters

How to make magnificent powdered milk fritters

If you want to make tasty fritters for a breakfast, and the fresh milk in the fridge didn't appear, safely knead dough on powdered milk. Fritters turn out magnificent and air.

Simple fritters on powdered milk

Quickly to make tasty fritters, take:

- wheat flour – 5 tablespoons;

- powdered milk – 2 tablespoons; - sugar – 1 tablespoon; - salt – 0.5 tsps; - egg – 1 piece; - baking soda – 0.5 tsps; - citric acid – 0.25 tsps; - vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons; - vanillin – to taste.

At first it is necessary to sift flour that in the test there were no lumps. Powdered milk needs to be mixed with salt and to add to flour. Pound egg with sugar, add citric acid, soda, carefully to mix everything. Add a half of a glass of warm boiled water to egg mix, mix. Gradually to add flour to the received weight, watching uniformity of the test. In ready dough it is necessary to pour in a teaspoon of vegetable oil (to use other oil for frying of fritters). For aroma it is necessary to add a little vanillin.

It is necessary to fry fritters in the heated frying pan in a small amount of vegetable oil. When frying fritter will increase in volume almost twice therefore it isn't necessary to put portions of the test for a frying pan too closely to each other.

Coconut fritters with raisin

To make magnificent fritters on powdered milk with raisin, take: - powdered milk – 200 g; - water – 200 ml; - wheat flour – 200 g; - coconut flakes – 3 tablespoons; - raisin – 2 tablespoons; - serum cottage cheese – 40 ml; - sugar – 50 g; - baking soda – 0.5 tsps; - salt – 0.25 tsps; - vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons. At first it is necessary to take small capacity and to part in it powdered milk with warm water. It is good to mix, to shake up and put a little to cool down. That fritters were magnificent, it is necessary to add cottage cheese serum to a milk mix. Then it is necessary to put raisin in dough and to fill up coconut flakes, carefully to mix everything. Add soda, salt, 2 tsps of vegetable oil (to use the rest for frying). Mix and a la carte to add flour, carefully mixing dough to avoid formation of lumps. It is necessary to fry such fritters on average fire, it is desirable covering with a cover. If desired you can diversify any recipe, adding favourite fruit, berries and seasonings to dough. To make fritters more gentle, it is possible to add to dough a few fresh polished apples and a cinnamon pinch for aroma. If you love sweet, pour in a tablespoon of cherry or strawberry syrup in ready dough. It is necessary to be careful with dry seasonings: if to add too much vanillin or cinnamon, it is possible to spoil dough, having made it bitter. For convenience it is possible to replace "pure" vanillin and cinnamon with vanilla and cinnamon sugar – in that case it is difficult to go too far.

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