How to make Manhattan cocktail

How to make Manhattan cocktail

According to a legend, the well-known Manhattan cocktail was thought up in Manhattan club in New York in the 1870th years, and since then and is called. Where they it was thought up, this cocktail is popular still during any season. Real Manhattan was preparing with whisky from a rye, but various options from dry to sweet, depending on degree of Vermouth and whisky which are added to it are possible.

This recipe calculated on whisky bourbon, average on sweet degree.

In order that prepare cocktail "Manhattan", is required to you:

 - good bourbon;

 - sweet Vermouth;

 - angostura bitters;

 - orange dried peel;

 - cherry with a branch from a maraschino (cherry brandy);

 - shaker;

 - the cooled cocktail glass.

1.      Fill a shaker with ice, and at the rate of a proportion 2:1 mix 50 g of bourbon from 25 g of Vermouth, for example, of Cinzano. Add 2-3 drops of an angostura.

2.      Close a shaker a cover and shake up about 5 seconds. Pour in the cooled glass for cocktail if you prefer undiluted drink. If you like cocktails with ice, pour drink in the cooled glass with ice.

3.      Add Maraschino cherry without stone. The cherries peeled from stones it is better as they usually more and better hold a form. Some fans of cocktails add also a droplet of cherry juice.

4.      The last and most special ingredient – the orange dried peel which is cut off by a spiral. It will give to drink a special shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team