How to make mashed potatoes in the blender

How to make mashed potatoes in the blender

Mashed potatoes have to be uniform consistence and without lumps. The blender will perfectly cope with this task. Puree will have gentle texture and it will turn out tasty. That the dish worked well, it is necessary to know some methods.

It is required to you

  • - 1 kg of potatoes;
  • - 50 g of a desi;
  • - salt to taste;
  • - 50 g of milk.


1. The blender – very useful kitchen appliances. With its help you for several seconds turn a squash, stewed with a tomato, onions, carrots, into caviar. Boiled pieces pumpkin will also quickly gain uniform consistence. In baby food, dietary food it is very recommended to do mashed potatoes with addition of boiled pumpkin, peas, a squash. If you want to make traditional mashed potatoes, then begin with the choice of this vegetable.

2. Potatoes shouldn't be dry or begun to rot. Being in shop, in the market, it isn't always possible to define quality of vegetables. If you came home, washed out potatoes and saw that you some tubers green, will throw out them. They contain hazardous substance солонин which is hazardous to health. If on a tuber there is a small light green spot, it is possible to cut out it, taking a row the lying pulp.

3. At first wash up, and then clean all tubers. At once after removal of a skin from it lower everyone in a pan with cold water that they didn't turn black. Let will lie down in it hour. If in potatoes there are nitrates, their most part during this time will go to water.

4. Wash out tubers. Large cut on 4-6 parts, averages – in half. Small leave in a round look. Fill in them with cold water, put on strong fire.

5. When water begins to boil, reduce fire. You cook potatoes of 30 minutes. Readiness to define it it is simple – when the fork thrust in it passes through without resistance, so potatoes cooked. Drain water, leave tubers in a pan under the closed cover.

6. Meanwhile pour in milk in a small pan or a bucket, add oil, salt. Put on fire, stir slowly contents. When liquid begins to boil, pour in it in potatoes. Take the blender and begin to crush products in homogeneous mass. As soon as it gained uniform consistence, finish process that weight didn't become too sticky.

7. Use of a special plastic nozzle or acquisition of the blender for preparation of puree from vegetables and fruit will help not to allow such effect. When giving the mashed potatoes made by means of the blender it is possible to put in each plate on a small piece of oil.

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