How to make meat in a sleeve

How to make meat in a sleeve

A great way to make tasty, juicy meat with little effort is to bake beef or pork a whole piece in a sleeve. The dish turns out fragrant, gentle and is combined with any garnish.

The pork with honey baked in a sleeve

For preparation of pork according to this recipe it is required to you:

- pork – 1.5 kg; - garlic – 6 cloves;

- bay leaf – 5 pieces; - honey – 1.5 tablespoons; - mustard – 1.5 tablespoons; - dry red wine – 100 ml; - salt – to taste; - the black pepper ground – to taste;

- ground paprika – to taste; - a coriander peas – to taste. At first it is necessary to peel and cut plates garlic. Pork should be washed, dried, made in meat small cuts and to place in them plates of garlic and leaflets of bay leaf. Then it is necessary to mix salt and two types of pepper. Place meat in deep ware and to rub carefully with mix of seasonings.

To separately mix mustard with honey, to carefully mix and grease with glaze a steak, having tried to make so that mix got to cuts with garlic. Further meat needs to be strewed with a coriander and to inwrap in food wrap for pickling. The longer meat will be pickled, the more gentle and the dish will be more juicy. The oven should be warmed up to the temperature of 180 wasps and to put in it a baking tray with pork in a sleeve. It is necessary to tie strong edges of a sleeve that the juice which is emitted when roasting didn't flow on a baking tray (it is possible to water with this juice a garnish). In 50 min. a sleeve it is necessary to make an incision and bake pork even minutes 30 for formation of a ruddy crust.

Beef in a sleeve

Beef – meat rather dry therefore when roasting usually it is impossible juicy. Preparation of this meat in a sleeve just allows to avoid its drying. To make the most tasty beef, take: - all-beef – 1 kg; - onion – 1 piece; - a soy-bean sauce – 3 tablespoons; - olive oil – 1 tablespoon; - paprika ground – 1 tsp; - the black pepper ground – to taste; - salt – to taste. At first it is necessary to peel onions from a peel and to cut thin half rings. In a soup plate it is necessary to mix onions with oil, pepper, I will merge also a soy-bean sauce (important not to go too far in salt, since a soy-bean sauce usually very salty). Meat plunges into sauce and about an hour is pickled at the room temperature. Then it is necessary to take a sleeve and to place in it meat together with onions. To carefully fix edges, to put in the oven warmed up to 200 wasps and to bake about an hour. In 20 min. it is until ready best of all to open everything a sleeve and to periodically water meat with the emitted juice. The beef made in such a way will turn out very gentle and fragrant. The soy-bean sauce will give to a dish soft sharp taste, and the pickled onion after roasting will become excellent addition to a garnish.

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