How to make milk from nuts

How to make milk from nuts

And whether you know that there is a vegetarian milk? Despite the name, it is capable to satisfy thirst and hunger and also to surprise with the gustatory qualities any gourmet. Let's try to make such milk together.

A large number of nuts will be suitable for preparation of nut milk. Almonds, cashew, black fox, walnut or hazelnut, sesame sunflower seeds or seeds of sunflower are most of all applied. The choice incredibly big and taste of milk will be different that allows to experiment and make various combinations.

Since evening prepare a cup of nuts and wet in water for the night. In the morning when they become impregnated with moisture, merge residues of water and wash out them. Fill up nuts in the blender and fill in with a small amount of water that closed nuts. Now it is necessary to grind carefully nuts in a bleder and to prepare a sieve or a gauze.

Through a gauze it is necessary to pass floured nut mix. Thus we remove cake, we lay oho aside. Most of all on time occupies filtering of cashew because of its density, but milk from it turns out incredibly tasty. At the exit we receive clean nut milk, and we will experiment with tastes now: 1. The filtered milk we pour out in the blender again (previously its washout); 2. Now it is possible to add to milk dates (without having forgotten to remove stones), sweet raisin or honey. And the combination of banana and vanilla will give to your milk of freshness and will remind ice cream. Some also add some cocoa.3. We add still water and it is carefully mixed the chosen additive in the blender together with milk to a uniform state.4. And now we pour the made milk in a glass and we enjoy taste!

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