How to make милкшейк

How to make милкшейк

Milkshake, or милкшейк is a dessert which will be pleasant to both adults, and children. There is a set of recipes of its preparation that will help you to diversify both the daily, and festive menu.

It is required to you

  • - milk;
  • - ice cream;
  • - fruit or berries;
  • - syrup;
  • - coffee.


1. Pick up ingredients for preparation of future cocktail. Milk has to be average fat content, about 2.5-3%. More dietary option can have less brisk taste. Also decide what additives you want to use in the cocktail. We will allow a wide range of additives - fruit, ice cream, various syrups and sweet sauces. At the same time it is important that components were combined among themselves. For example, you shouldn't mix chocolate sauce with tropical fruit.

2. Find the equipment for preparation of cocktail. As милкшейк traditionally moves with a foam cap, you will be needs the blender or the food processor. It is the best of all to spill ready mix in tall glass glasses with tubules, however, for example, disposable tableware also will be suitable for a children's holiday.

3. Make cocktail, being guided by the following proportions - on 200 ml of milk it is necessary to take about 50 g of ice cream and tea or a tablespoon of syrup (depending on its saturation). Fruit and other similar additives are put to taste. Before preparation cut or crush in the blender of berry or fruit, previously having taken out from them stones.

4. Fill in the turned-out weight with milk and the ave. desire add ice cream and syrup, for example, a grenadine. Shake up the turned-out mix before emergence of foam. Pour it on glasses and decorate cocktail with a chocolate crumb, or cherry in syrup.

5. For entering of a variety into the menu for adults make alcoholic milkshake. In this case instead of sweet syrup add in milts liqueur, for example, of "Amaretto".

6. Try to make also cocktail on a coffee basis. For this purpose it is necessary to make coffee of ground grains. It can be done in the Turk or by means of the coffee maker. Cool the turned-out liquid and add it to milk when beating. In order that cocktail was sweet, it is possible to use creamy ice cream or a chocolate syrup.

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