How to make pickled cabbage with beet

How to make pickled cabbage with beet

Various recipes of sauerkraut with beet were known in the Russian culinary tradition in the 13th century. The combination of two vegetables to unique properties allows to enjoy not only a tasty dish, but also to provide an organism with important minerals. In the course of fermentation or pickling in cabbage and beet valuable minerals, organic amino acids remain.

It is required to you

  • – cabbage (2-3 kg);
  • – beet (350-370 g);
  • – garlic (1-2 heads);
  • – sugar (70 g);
  • – fennel;
  • – salt (70 g);
  • – water (1-1.5 l);
  • – lavrushka (3-5 leaves);
  • – black pepper (4-8 peas);
  • – vinegar to taste (9%).


1. Take a head of cabbage and cut large pieces on 5-8 parts. Cabbage stump can be cut separately up and down. Place the prepared vegetable in a deep pan and fill in with water of cabbage 2-3 cm higher than a layer. Wait when water begins to boil and switch off a ring. Leave for 2-4 minutes, and then drench cabbage with cold water.

2. Put the cleaned heads of garlic and salt in a metal bucket. Further add water, boil. Pour out water of a bucket, and lay garlic and wait for full cooling.

3. In parallel prepare beet. For this purpose clean vegetable and cut with plates, no more than 4 mm thick. Mix separately bay leaf, pepper and fennel. In a clean can begin to spread layers cabbage, spices, beet. Fill to bank to the brim.

4. Prepare filling, having poured water in a pan and having added vinegar with salt to taste. Wait until the brine becomes warm, and further fill in to bank with cabbage and beet. Close densely plastic cover and leave at the room temperature at 2-3 days. When snack is ready, it is necessary to hold to bank on cold.

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