How to make pie from crackers

How to make pie from crackers

Pie from crackers, differently it still call Sukharnik, it will be pleasant to you the delicate flavor and soft friable texture. Such pastries are most widespread in the north of Russia if to be more precisely - in Arkhangelsk.

It is required to you

  • - the crushed crackers - 200 g;
  • - wheat flour - 200 g;
  • - sugar - 200 g;
  • - kefir - 200 ml;
  • - eggs - 3 pieces;
  • - vanilla sugar - 10 g;
  • - baking powder for the test - 10 g;
  • - nuts and dried fruits at will.


1. Enter granulated sugar together with vanilla sugar into the crude eggs which are shaken up in a deep separate bowl. Shake up educated mix until, the added ingredients won't be dissolved yet. As soon as it occurs, pour out kefir there. Mix everything to a uniform state.

2. Enter in advance crushed crackers into egg and kefiric liquid mix. If you don't want to use purchased crackers, then you can make them independently. For this purpose cut the dried-up bread in a form of cubes, then bake in an oven to a crust of golden color then crush, having laid out in a blender bowl.

3. Then add wheat flour to carefully mixed mix, previously having sifted it, and baking powder for the test. Mix the received weight to uniformity. If you want to impact additional relish to pie from crackers, then add nuts or dried fruits in dough. By the way, nuts don't need to be crushed, add their integral.

4. In round shape for pastries which is oiled sunflower lay out the received dough. Bake pie of their crackers at 180 degrees within 40-50 minutes.

5. When pastries propechtsya completely, give it time for cooling then decorate at will with icing sugar and cut for the portion. Pie from crackers is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team