How to make pilaf with dried fruits

How to make pilaf with dried fruits

Pilaf – a traditional oriental dish. Its main ingredient – rice – is rich with cellulose, the starch and Riboflavinum influencing exchange of amino acids in an organism. There is a set of recipes for pilaf: with meat, chicken, vegetables and dried fruits.

It is required to you

  • For sweet pilaf with dried fruits the quantity of products approximately undertakes:
    • rice;
    • dried fruits (dried apricots
    • prunes
    • raisin);
    • creamy or melted butter;
    • granulated sugar;
    • For festive Armenian pilaf with dried fruits:
    • 2 glasses of rice (dlinnozernisty);
    • dried fruits (dried apricots
    • prunes
    • raisin
    • fig
    • dates);
    • almonds;
    • Armenian lavash;
    • melted butter;


1. Sweet pilaf with a sukhofruktamirastopita in a cauldron creamy or melted butter. Add dried fruits and you stew them in oil of minutes twenty-thirty.

2. Touch, properly wash out rice and put to stewed dried fruits. Salt and fill in with cold water so that it was two fingers higher than some rice. Add granulated sugar.

3. Bring to the boil and reduce fire to the smallest. When water is evaporated, accurately collect rice by the hill from edges to the center.

4. Cover with a napkin or a towel, switch off fire and wrap up a cauldron in warm fabric. Let's infuse minutes ten-fifteen.

5. Don't stir pilaf! Put away a towel and fabric, cover from above a cauldron with a dish and sharply turn upside down, so that fruit appeared on the top.

6. Festive Armenian pilaf with a sukhofruktaminaleyta in a cauldron of water is three times more, than rice (if you cook pilaf from two glasses, waters six glasses are necessary), put on fire, bring to the boil and salt. On such volume of salt the teaspoon will be required approximately.

7. Touch, wash out and previously wet rice at several o'clock. Then drain water, and cast away rice on a colander.

8. Fill up in a cauldron with the boiling added some salt water rice, stir and you cook minutes ten to semi-readiness. In grain have to remain dense. Drain water, and cast away rice on a sieve and drench with cold boiled water that rice turned out friable.

9. On a bottom of a cauldron put a lavash and water it with two-three spoons of melted butter. Lay out from above a part of rice, level and water with oil. Then put the remained rice and too slightly water with oil.

10. Wrap up a cauldron cover in a clean kitchen towel, densely close ware with pilaf and put on small fire.

11. Wash out dried fruits, remove at prunes and dates of a stone. Clean almonds. Put everything in a sieve which put on a steam bath, close a cover and steam within thirty minutes.

12. Shift the steamed dried fruits in a small pan, water with melted butter and mix.

13. Lay out lavash pieces on a dish, from above arrange rice, decorate with the steamed dried fruits and almonds.

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