How to make plum fruit jelly in house conditions

How to make plum fruit jelly in house conditions

Fruit jelly - delicacy which is loved by many people of different age. Unfortunately, that fruit jelly which can be found on shelves of shops is a little suitable in food as it is made from a sugar syrup, pectin with addition of food colors and fragrances. It is possible to prepare home-made fruit jelly, tasty, fragrant and natural in the summer.

It is required to you

  • - plum - 1 kg
  • - water - 1 l
  • - sugar - 1.5 kg
  • - sugar - 5 tablespoons.
  • - starch - 3 tablespoons.


1. Touch plum, having selected the spoiled fruits, and wash out quality berries, fill in with water, pour one kilogram of sugar. You cook on strong fire until water doesn't begin to boil, and sugar completely won't be dissolved. Uvarivayte on the most silent fire before emergence of large bubbles. You watch that syrup didn't pour out from the capacity in which cooks. It can be a bowl or a pan from the copper enameled or stainless steel. Choose ware of large volume as the amount of liquid by all means will increase in the course of preparation.

2. Filter syrup, wipe fruits through a sieve, having removed stones and a thin skin of fruits of plum. Add the received fruit puree to syrup. Put ware on a plate and continue to uvarivat on the most silent fire until weight doesn't decrease approximately twice. Add 500 more grams of granulated sugar and continue to cook syrup before reduction of volume still approximately twice.

3. Mix five tablespoons of granulated sugar with three tablespoons of any starch. It is necessary to strew with this mix molds. Take molds silicone for ice or chocolate as from them it will be simpler to take out ready fruit jelly. Pour a hot thick syrup on molds, cool and wait for hardening, having put molds at several o'clock in the fridge.

4. Carefully take fruit jelly from forms, put in a glass jar, pouring mix of granulated sugar and starch. Close to bank a cover. It is possible to store such fruit jelly in the fridge.

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