How to make plum jelly for the winter

How to make plum jelly for the winter

Jelly from fruits of plum looks very attractively, at the same time its aroma is poorly expressed, but the taste of a dessert will be appreciated by sweet teeth. Jelly will be suitable this solar for a layer of cakes, as a stuffing for pancakes as addition to cookies and fritters, and the socket with transparent plum jelly will remarkably decorate a tea table.

It is required to you

  • - plum - 1 kg
  • - water - 1 l
  • - sugar - 1 kg


1. Immature or dead-ripe, but not overripe, unpitted fruits will be suitable for preparation of jelly from plum. They should be washed out, put in a pan or other heat resisting capacity from the corrosion-proof or enameled steel or from copper. Plum is filled in with cold water and we put capacity on strong fire and we bring water to the boil. Further in the container with plums we fill sugar and we cook, having lowered fire to a minimum until plum doesn't become transparent. This process can take about 2 hours.

2. The received syrup at the same time has to be not too dense. We will take other capacity, we will put on it a sieve and we will pour out jam to separate syrup from fruits. It isn't necessary to wipe that syrup remained transparent. Now it is necessary to continue to uvarivat jam until weight doesn't darken and won't decrease in volume approximately by one third or half.

3. Hot weight should be poured on banks and to close metal covers. In the course of cooling, syrup under the influence of natural pectin with which the thin skin of fruits of plum is rich is gelatinized.

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