How to make pork in an oven in a foil

How to make pork in an oven in a foil

Pork in a foil pretty fast and simply is cooked, meat turns out fragrant and gentle, all excess fat from it is melted during roasting. Using this recipe, you in 30-40 minutes will manage not only to bake pork, but also to prepare for it a light garnish in the form of boiled potatoes.

It is required to you

  • 500 grams of a pork neck;
    • 200 grams of fresh champignons;
    • 1 tomato;
    • 2 segments of garlic;
    • ¼ lemons;
    • 5-6 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
    • salt and black sprinkling pepper to taste.


1. Wash meat under cold water and cut it on flank steaks. Make an incision each piece in 2-3 places, salt and pepper to taste. If near at hand there is no pork neck, for roasting you can use gammon and a shoulder.

2. Rub off champignons a paper towel and remove the small lower part of a leg at each mushroom, cut them on small pieces. Shift champignons in a deep cup and water with the juice which is previously squeezed out from ¼ lemons. Peel two garlic gloves and crush through a chesnokodavka.

3. Scald tomato and accurately peel it from a thin skin, by means of a knife cut it on small cubes. Mix the mushrooms watered with lemon juice in a cup, and carefully mix the crushed garlic gloves, the cut tomato. Salt mix a pinch of salt and slightly pepper.

4. Warm a frying pan with 5-6 tablespoons of vegetable oil and slightly fry in it pork pieces. Shift meat to a foil, from above on it lay out mushroom mix and inwrap everything so that there were no open sites.

5. Put pork with mushrooms on a baking tray and put in the oven which is previously warmed up to 200 degrees to be baked approximately for 20-25 minutes. After time take out a baking tray and accurately unbend a foil and pierce meat a thin knife. If transparent juice is emitted - meat was baked. Otherwise put it in an oven for 5-6 minutes.

6. Give baked in to foil pork hot on a table together with boiled potatoes or puree, meat and will be quite good to be combined with a house pickles (for example, fresh-salted cucumbers and sauerkraut). It is possible to use the meat baked thus and cold and also after warming up in a frying pan (it doesn't lose the gustatory qualities). You will be able to shade slightly sweetish taste of pork, having served dry white wine to a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team