How to make pork shish kebab with vinegar

How to make pork shish kebab with vinegar

For preparation of a shish kebab it is possible to use different types of meat: pork, chicken or beef. Plays a large role how meat is pickled. Most often at recipes of pork shish kebab there is a vinegar. The shish kebab prepared from pork with vinegar will have special aroma and small sourness. Marinade for a shish kebab is cooked pretty fast: spices and acetic acid are its part.

Secrets of preparation of pork shish kebab with vinegar

At preparation of a shish kebab keep in mind that its taste will depend on what part of pork you will take: pork neck will be suitable for those who love a fat shish kebab; brisket - for fans of fast pork; the spatula is all-purpose: it is moderately fat and not dry. Besides, the scapula is quite inexpensive meat, but the dish from which turns out very tasty.

Vinegar will make meat for a shish kebab gentle, soft, it will be chewed perfectly and easily. It is the best of all to use apple cider vinegar (5 percent) it is also possible to take 9 percent vinegar. Try to add spices which you love, in the minimum quantity: if to add many spices, then it will be impossible to save such meat further.

The recipe of pork shish kebab with vinegar

It is required to you:

- pork pulp - 2 kg;

- onions - 3 pieces;

- water - 200 ml;

- acetic acid - 100 ml;

- salt - to taste;

- spices - to taste.

Cut pulp of pork with pieces, wash onions, and then chop rings. Properly mix meat pieces with onions, also add salt and favourite spices to your taste.

Dissolve acetic acid with water in volume of 1 to 2, add to meat, then well mix. It is necessary to leave meat in marinade not less, than for 2 hours.

The recipe of pork shish kebab with vinegar and onions

It will be required to you:

- onions - 2 pieces;

- a scapula - 3 kg;

- ground black pepper - 1 tsp;

- allspice - 1 tsp;

- acetic acid - 120 ml;

- salt — to taste.

Wash onions, clean and cut with big rings. Sort a scapula by means of a sharp knife and remove stones, then the meat cut with thin slices, put in a deep bowl. Pork needs to be salted, peppered well and also to add apple cider vinegar. After that well mix and send meat to the fridge for pickling. Meat needs to be pickled within 3-8 hours.

If you gather for the picnic assuming long moving, then shift meat for a shish kebab in a package, and then in the deep freeze. If it is possible, it is also possible to use a cooler bag which will preserve your shish kebab. If you have no such bag, then near a package of meat when transporting it is possible to put a bag of ice or bottles with ice water.

Marinated pork shish kebab in vinegar needs to be strung on a skewer and to alternate to onions, then to put on a lattice and, periodically turning and watering, to prepare on hot coals.

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