How to make potatoes with garlic and feta

How to make potatoes with garlic and feta

The real feta cheese is manufactured in Greece, and only from a sheep milk. History of this product contains more than 3000 years, its recipe is described in the work by Homer "Odyssey". The expressive and saline taste of this cheese with pleasant sourness will be added to neutral dishes by new gastronomic shades. Potatoes baked with feta receive gentle dairy aroma and saturated taste.

It is required to you

  • potatoes - 500 g;
    • feta - 100 g;
    • tomatoes - 500 g;
    • olives;
    • vegetable broth - 200 ml;
    • desi - 50 g;
    • salt;
    • bunch of parsley and oregano;
    • garlic - 2 cloves.


1. Cook vegetable broth. For this purpose boil water liter, place in it the whole bulb, a celery root, a root of parsley and whole peeled carrots. Salt and cook vegetables within 25-30 minutes.

2. Peel potatoes, cut it with large pieces and make in them deep notches. Lower tomatoes for a couple of minutes in the boiling water, peel them and sunflower seeds, cut large segments. Chop an oregano and parsley.

3. Oil a baking tray for roasting by vegetable, lay out on it segments tomato, salt, pepper and powder an oregano. From above on tomatoes lay out pieces of potatoes notches up, fill in with vegetable broth and bake in an oven at a temperature of 200 degrees within 30 minutes.

4. While vegetables are baked, crumble feta small pieces. Crush garlic and parsley, cut some olive on quarters and mix all ingredients with a desi. Lay out mix on potatoes and bake 7 more minutes.

5. It is possible to make potatoes with feta and garlic a la carte. For this purpose wash up tubers, but don't peel them. Make in each potato a wedge-shaped section on length so that to cut out from them segments, like cutting of a piece from watermelon. Mix feta with butter and garlic, salt and place mix in cuts on tubers. Oil each potato vegetable by means of a brush and densely inwrap each of them in a foil. Place potatoes in an oven and bake at a temperature of 200 degrees of 30 minutes.

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