How to make potatoes with rosemary

How to make potatoes with rosemary

Rosemary – very odorous spice which is perfectly transferring high temperatures. Besides it is very well combined with many products – meat, fish, vegetables. A dish, prepared with it, gain intensive pleasant aroma. One of the most popular viands of the Mediterranean kitchen are potatoes baked with rosemary and feta.

It is required to you

  • 4 big potatoes;
    • rosemary;
    • 2 garlic gloves;
    • 250 g of feta cheese;
    • 1 handful of black olives;
    • salt;


1. For preparations dishes it is better to take not boiling soft potatoes grades, otherwise at the exit you risk to receive similarity of potato porridge gruel instead of the fried ruddy pieces. Peel potatoes, cut it in cubes with the party of 1 cm. It is possible to make pieces more, but then process of cooking will noticeably be dragged out. Shift potatoes in a fire-resistant form for roasting, slightly you prisolit, distribute on it desi flakes.

2. Heat an oven to 220 wasps, send to it a form with potatoes and bake before formation of a light crust on a surface of root crops.

3. Peel garlic from a thin skin, cut segment thin plates 3-4 mm thick. You can have rosemary both in the form of ready seasoning, and in the form of fresh branches. In the second case just a public catering from them leaves. You don't hurry to throw out branches, they can be useful later as skewers for meat, for example.

4. As soon as potatoes are reddened, get a form from an oven, add a little more desi, distribute evenly slices of garlic and rosemary, mix, return a form to an oven. It is very important to make this procedure not too early, otherwise garlic will burn, will become black and bitter. Bake potatoes the next 5 minutes then a form it is necessary to take out and implicate in a dish black olives without stones and feta cheese again. If you have no such cheese, can replace it with soft brynza.

5. Well mix the turned-out dish and once again put in an oven the last 10 minutes. If you love a zazharisty crust, you can take and longer. In general on preparation of potatoes with rosemary leaves of 30 minutes till 1 o'clock. Everything depends on a grade of potatoes, size of cutting of cubes and features of your oven.

6. As sauce the natural unsweetened yoghourt with addition of greens well will approach this dish.

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