How to make puff jelly

How to make puff jelly

Jelly - a low-calorie dessert which is appropriate even on a holiday table. Especially elegantly puff delicacy looks. Cook it in big forms or a la carte, using multi-colored fruit juices, cocoa and milk.

How to make puff jelly with fruit

Try to make jelly from fruit juices. That the puff dessert looked unusually, choose fruits of different flowers - for example, strawberry, a kiwi, bananas or grapes. Layers from jelly can be alternated to the cut fruit - delicacy will be even more beautiful and tasty.

It is required to you: - 300 ml of grape juice;

- 300 ml of orange juice; - 6 kiwis; - small brush of light grapes; - 7 teaspoons of powder gelatin.

Wet 2 teaspoons of gelatin in 2 tablespoons of hot water and dissolve it on fire, constantly stirring slowly. Pour out gelatinous mix in grape juice and mix. Cool mix a little, and then pour it on glass glasses so that a quarter of volume was filled. Place glasses in the fridge for hardening of jelly.

That jelly looked especially effectively, choose thin transparent tanks - wide glasses, ice-cream bowls or glasses.

When the first layer hardens, get glasses and spread out over grape berry jelly. Dismiss 2 more spoons of gelatin in hot water, mix it with orange juice and fill in fruit, having filled glasses on 2/3 volumes. Again remove jelly during cold. You don't hurry - it is necessary that the dessert stiffened correctly and I had accurate layers. Clean to a kiwi and their pyuriruyta in the blender. Dissolve 3 spoons of gelatin in a small amount of hot water, dissolve it on fire, slightly cool and pour in fruit puree. Well mix mix and fill glasses with a dessert up to the top. Deliver to jelly during cold before full hardening. Give a portion puff dessert together with spoons.

Unusual dessert: puff milk jelly

For a holiday table it is possible to make jelly in a big form. It is given on a dish and cut just before distribution. It will be required to you: - 600 ml of milk; - 150 g of strawberry puree; - 200 g of strawberry; - 1 tablespoon of powder of cocoa; - 3 tablespoons of sugar; - 4 teaspoons of gelatin; - icing sugar for ornament; - fresh mint.

Instead of sheet gelatine it is possible to use a product in plates.

Fill in a half of gelatin with 2 tablespoons of hot water, then dissolve it, warming up on a plate. Boil 300 ml of milk, mix and a half a portion of sugar and cocoa powder. Stir everything before full dissolution. Add gelatin and once again mix. Leave mix before cooling. When jelly begins to get denser, pour it in a form with an opening in the middle. Place a form in the fridge before full hardening. Dismiss the remained gelatin in the above way. Mix strawberry puree with sugar, and then lay out it in the warmed-up milk. Mix to uniformity and pour in gelatin. Get a form with chocolate jelly and fill in in it a strawberry layer. Return a dessert to cold. When jelly stiffens, dip a form into hot water, and then turn it on a flat dish. In the center of the turned-out ring from jelly lay out the strawberry cut on halves. Decorate a dish with leaves of mint and icing sugar.

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