How to make ""Puffs with dried apples and dried fruits"

How to make ""Puffs with dried apples and dried fruits"

Those who has a garden and doesn't know what to do with a big harvest of apples can give such advice: collected apples need to be dried, and to use for baking of very tasty and useful puff pies in the winter, besides enough instant.

It is required to you

  • - puff pastry (barmy, bezdrozhzhevy) 0.5 kg
  • - apples dried 3 handfuls
  • - prunes of 100 g
  • - raisin of 50 g
  • - dried apricots of 100 g
  • - flour (for expansion of the test)


1. For a start it is necessary to wash all dried fruits. Dried apples need to be put in a separate bowl, to fill in them with boiled water and to cover. Then it is necessary to wait about 30 minutes until inflate. Water has to be flush with apples, it isn't necessary to pour more water. Also it is necessary to arrive with other dried fruits.

2. The following step it is necessary to drain water from dried fruits and apples and to scroll them on the meat grinder. If the stuffing turns out very dense, then it is possible to add a little water, and then to mix.

3. Roll dough (using flour that dough didn't stick) and to cut on squares or rectangles of one size. Put a stuffing on a half of preparation and cover it with the soulmate. Then edges of puff need to be stuck together protein of crude egg or just pressing of fingers on all perimeter of puff. Further to lay out on a baking tray and to bake in an oven at a temperature of 200 degrees to a beautiful ruddy crust.

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