How to make quince jam

How to make quince jam

Quince jam is widespread not only in the countries of Central Asia, but also in Russia. For many it is taste of the childhood and bears in itself the most pleasant memories of family tea drinking in the long winter evenings. However quince jam not only is very tasty, but also it is extremely useful at gastrointestinal diseases.

It is required to you

  • - 1000-1200 of a quince;
  • - 250-300 g of water;
  • - 900-1000 g of sugar.


1. That preparequince jamwithout fail carefully wash up , a quince in cool flowing water, using a brush to remove a natural down scurf from fruits. The quince has to become smooth. Let's excess liquid flow down. Then cut each fruit on 4 parts and cut out stones. Pay attention that the peel from a quince shouldn't be cut off. Cut each part on several slices, no more than 5-7 mm thick.

2. For preparation of syrup for jam, in a pan connect water and sugar. Carefully mix and put to cook on strong fire. When syrup begins to boil, lower fire to an average and, periodically stirring slowly, you cook it to full sugar remelting. If on syrup the skin begins to be formed, remove it from fire. For hashing of jam use a wooden spoon as it doesn't injure slices of a quince and jam will turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful.

3. Lay out the quince cut by segments in hot syrup and, having mixed, leave on fire and bring to the boil. When jam begins to boil, remove it from fire and let's cool down at the room temperature. Repeat this procedure several times. At each boiling, jam will become more dense and dark. Don't pour out the juice emitted at the first boiling of fruits. Further it will be absorbed in a quince. If desired quince jam can be brought to a condition of candied fruits. For this purpose it is necessary to boil it 5-7 times.

4. Roll up ready quince jam in the sterilized banks or spread out on banks with the twisting covers. It is possible to use as freshly cooked jam, and after storage within several months. Serve quince jam to tea as independent delicacy, or as addition to cheesecakes, fritters, pancakes or cottage cheese casserole.

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