How to make raisin

How to make raisin

Very often grapes are dried in the sun for receiving raisin, but, first, this very long occupation, secondly, a half of grapes simply сгниёт - as a result raisin turns out tasteless. It is possible to try to make raisin by means of the dryer - simply, quickly and qualitatively.

It is required to you

  • Grapes,
    • 100 гр. soda,
    • the dryer for fruit and vegetables.


1. For preparation of raisin you will need grapes without stones. There are vegetable dehydrators, berries and fruit in which it is possible to make easily for couple of days raisin. In a different way in house conditions raisin can't be made as for this purpose it is necessary to fumigate grapes with sulfur, and as is well-known, smoke of sulfur is very hazardous to health of the person.

2. Put on fire a big pan with water, the six-liter pan perfectly will approach. When water begins to boil, to add soda (on 5 liters of water – 100 гр. soda).

3. Take a bunch and lower in boiled water for 3 seconds, get and allow to flow down to water. It is necessary in order that the layer of wax descended and in berries small holes through which there will be further a moisture were formed.

4. Now it is possible to start separation of berries from a cluster.

5. Then spread berries on a dryer pallet a dense layer and we leave to dry for several days.

6. Collect, spread out ready raisin on glass jars and store a baking plate densely closed cover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team