How to make raspberry jam

How to make raspberry jam

Home-made jam, jam and fruit jelly - tasty and useful maintenance to evening tea. If you decided to begin to be engaged in house preparations, prepare something simple, but appetizing - for example, raspberry jam.

It is required to you

  • Raspberry jam:
    • 1 kg of raspberry;
    • 3 glasses sugar;
    • 1 glass of water.
    • Strawberry raspberry jam:
    • 5 kg of strawberry;
    • 5 kg of raspberry;
    • 3 glasses of sugar.
    • Apple raspberry jam:
    • 5 kg of raspberry;
    • 5 kg of sour apples;
    • 3 glasses of sugar;
    • 2 glasses of water.


1. Before preparation of jam be engaged in berries. Touch ripe raspberry. If worm-eaten berries got to you, before processing they can be killed in the added some salt water (2 teaspoons of salt on 1 liter of water). All foreign inclusions will immediately emerge. Remove them, and wash berries with flowing water.

2. The simplest option - the raspberry jam which isn't wiped. Raspberry has no pronounced jellifying properties therefore jam from it won't be too jellylike. However to be pleasant to much such product. Lay out berries in a pan, fill in them with water, add a half-glass of sugar and put a pan on strong fire. Stirring slowly, bring mix to the boil and you cook 5-10 minutes. Pour out the remained sugar in a pan and continue cooking of 20 more minutes. To check readiness of jam, take a little product a clean teaspoon and drip on a cold dry saucer. The drop of ready jam shouldn't spread.

3. Try to make very tasty and fragrant jam from mix of raspberry and strawberry. Touch berries, carefully wash out strawberry in flowing water and remove sepals. Lay out raspberry and strawberry in a pan, fill up with a glass of sugar and put on a plate. Stirring slowly with a wooden scapula, you cook mix about 15 minutes then add the remained sugar. Cook longer jam of 15 more minutes then carry out test on a drop.

4. If you like more dense jellylike jams, add to sweet raspberry sour fruit - for example, apples. Peel them and seeds, slice thin. Lay out them in a pan, fill in with water and add a glass of sugar. Stirring slowly, you cook apples until they begin to boil soft.

5. Touch raspberry, as necessary wash out it and grind through a sieve that stones remained on a lattice. Lay out the turned-out weight to apples, fill up with two glasses of sugar, mix and you cook 30 more minutes. Mix ready jam to total homogeneity, cool and pour in previously sterilized banks.

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