How to make rice cookies with a marshmallow

How to make rice cookies with a marshmallow

Rice cookies with a marshmallow are not only original, but also very tasty delicacy. It is rather easy to prepare it. I also suggest you to make it.

It is required to you

  • - a desi - 125 g;
  • - sugar - 50 g;
  • - wheat flour - 125 g;
  • - ginger - 1 teaspoon;
  • - a rice flour - 45 g;
  • - a marshmallow - 16 pieces;
  • - coconut flakes - 1 tablespoon.


1. Mix the thawed desi in one ware with granulated sugar and shake up. As a result you have to have rather magnificent weight.

2. Connect wheat and rice flour. Add a teaspoon of ginger to an educated dry-mix and lay out to creamy and sugar weight. Mix everything, properly, that is to uniformity. Roll the received dough in a sphere and place in the fridge. There it has to stay not less than 20 minutes.

3. When this period passes, take dough and turn it into layer which thickness is equal 0.5 centimeters.

4. Cut out various figures from the rolled layer, only their quantity by all means has to be even. In the center of each such figure cut out an opening. It is convenient to make it, using a simple cover from a plastic bottle.

5. Cover a baking tray for pastries with parchment and place on it figures from the test. Bake them in the warmed oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for 7-10 minutes, that is to full readiness.

6. Take ready pastries from an oven and give it time to cool down. As soon as it occurs, on a half of cookies place on a marshmallow piece. In such look send a dish to an oven again, but only for 1-2 minutes.

7. On the softened marshmallow lay out the remained pastries, slightly at the same time pressing it. Decorate a dish with coco shaving. Make all above-mentioned actions very quickly. Rice cookies with a marshmallow are ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team