How to make rice for a farshirovaniye

How to make rice for a farshirovaniye

Rice is often used for a farshirovka of various dishes, as a rule, in combination with other components. That forcemeat turned out the necessary consistence, it is necessary to cook rice for it correctly.

It is required to you

  • head rice;
    • water in a proportion 2:1 (2 glasses of water on 1 glass of a head rice);
    • salt;
    • pan;
    • colander;
    • gas or electric stove.


1. Learn from the recipe of a dish which you want to prepare how many it is required rice. In the recipe either the quantity of a head rice, or amount of ready rice can be specified. In the latter case divide the volume (weight) into 3 and receive recalculation on grain. For example, from one glass of grain three glasses of a ready-made product, from 100 g - 300 g of boiled rice turn out.

2. Take necessary amount of grain and carefully wash out.

3. In a pan pour water, lay out in it grain, put on fire and bring to the boil. Rice which is cooked for a farshirovaniye during cooking doesn't need to be salted.

4. After boiling of water in a pan reduce fire on a gas ring or heating on an electric stove to a minimum and continue to cook 15 more minutes.

5. If the cooked rice is surrounded with sticky weight that happens at insufficient washing of a head rice before cooking, cast away it on a colander and wash with flowing water.

6. Some recipes of the dishes stuffed with rice mean further cooking in the course of which it continues to boil soft. For this reason according to such recipes rice needs to be boiled to semi-readiness, within 8-9 minutes after boiling of water in a pan.

7. Mix rice with other products in necessary proportions, according to the recipe. Salt the turned-out forcemeat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team