How to make rice with dried fruits

How to make rice with dried fruits

Rice with dried fruits is magnificent east dish which won't leave indifferent sweet teeth. The dish doesn't contain some sugar, and it turns out sweet thanks to dried fruits therefore even those who adhere to dietary food can enjoy it.

It is required to you

  • Recipe No. 1:
    • rice – 1 article;
    • raisin – 100 g;
    • dried apricots – 200 g;
    • fig – 150 g;
    • desi – 100 g;
    • paprika – 1 tablespoon;
    • curry – 1 tablespoon;
    • fruit
    • almonds – for ornament.
    • Recipe No. 2:
    • rice – 1 article;
    • prunes – 2 tablespoons;
    • raisin – 3 tablespoons;
    • carrots – 1 piece;
    • vegetable oil – 0
    • 5 tablespoons;
    • salt – to taste.


1. Dried fruits from litter and well wash recipe No. 1ochistite with cold water. Fill in clean fruit with hot water of 60 wasps, don't use boiled water that they remained the most useful.

2. Dismiss a desi on a water bath and add to it a curry and paprika. Shift oil with seasonings to a frying pan and on very slow fire fry mix to a pastelike state.

3. Take out the inflated dried fruits from water and slightly wring out them to remove excess water. Cut a fig and dried apricots on small pieces, and leave raisin intact.

4. Touch and wash out rice, fill in it with cold water and put on strong fire. When water begins to boil, lower fire and you cook rice of 10-15 minutes. Add to ready grain oil with seasonings and dried fruits, accurately mix everything.

5. Put the container with rice in the warmed oven and you keep in it 7 minutes. Lay out a ready-to-eat meal on a tray, from above decorate with the cut bananas, dates, apples and pineapples pieces, strew with grated almonds.

6. Recipe No. 2promoyte rice also fill in it with cold water and leave for forty minutes. While rice is presoaked, wash out raisin, wash out prunes and cut on pieces. Peel carrots and cut on thin strips, extinguish in a small amount of water.

7. Add water to the bulked-up rice, so that it closed grain on 1 cm and put on fire. When water begins to boil, add prunes, raisin and stewed carrots to rice. Boil several minutes with dried fruits and carrots, then pour in it in vegetable oil and salt. You cook until rice doesn't become friable. Lay out a ready-to-eat meal on plates, from above decorate with chopped nuts and pieces of fruit.

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