How to make rowan jam

How to make rowan jam

The rowan, widespread in country midland, ordinary represents quite good raw materials for preparation of house preparations. Goes on jam as berry of the sweet grades created on the basis of nevezhinsky and Moravian versions and a wild-growing rowan who is recommended to be brought together after frosts or to freeze after collecting.

It is required to you

  • rowan – 1 kilogram;
    • sugar – 1.5 kilograms;
    • water – 3 glasses.


1. Touch a rowan, separating ripe berries from branches. The harvest of this culture is reaped from a tree, cutting off the whole brushes why immature copies can occur among berries. Remove such berries and the rowan damaged by birds. For quality of jam the appearance of raw materials plays not the last role. Lay out the selected berries in a colander and wash up them, having several times lowered in cold water or having put a baking plate of souls. Dry a rowan within fifteen minutes, having scattered it on the baking sheet covered by paper.

2. Boil water and boil thoroughly in it berries within four minutes so that the rowan became softer, but I didn't manage to boil soft. Sour berries will require five-minute processing, and for a sweet ripe rowan also three minutes in boiled water will be enough. It will help berries to keep a form and in the necessary degree to become impregnated with syrup.

3. Prepare a sugar syrup. For this purpose fill up sugar in the enameled vessel or a brass basin for jam making and fill in it with drinking water. Place mix on average fire and stir slowly with a spoon to sugar remelting. Bring syrup to the boil, keep it in such state two minutes and remove from a plate. If in the course of boiling on liquid there was a foam, remove it. This operation will help to reduce amount of foam which will appear at jam making.

4. Fill in berry with hot syrup. Having sustained a rowan within two hours at the room temperature, put the vessel on average fire. As soon as in the appeared penalty fee rather dense sites which, as a rule, are located along edges of capacity or in the center become noticeable, reduce fire to weak and continuously remove foam.

5. In the course of preparation two-three times remove jam from fire and stir up vessel contents with circular motions. If the syrup drop between fingers stretches in strong thread, and on a saucer doesn't spread, jam is ready.

6. Cover the vessel with jam a clean linen towel and sustain before cooling. Spread out a product on clean glass jars and a zakuporta their covers from dense paper.

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