How to make rowan jam not bitter

How to make rowan jam not bitter

Jam from berries of a rowan is very useful for health. Sweet and gentle on taste, containing vitamins and minerals, it possesses antimicrobial action, increases durability of blood vessels and reduces cholesterol.

It is required to you

  • berries of a red rowan – 1 kg;
    • sugar – 1.5 kg;
    • water – 1 liter;
    • citric acid – 7 g.


1. Accurately separate rowan berries from branches, wash up and touch: remove the small, immature and spoiled fruits. Well wash out the touched berries and scatter on a towel that they dried.

2. Before beginning to cook from them jam, save berries from bitterness. For this purpose use one of following ways.1. Quite simply and quickly you will be able to get rid of bitterness if place berries in the freezer for 2-3 hours. You shouldn't do it if berries were picked after struck frosts, in this case the nature.2 already took care of bitterness elimination. Also usual cold water will help to save rowan berries from bitterness: fill in berries with cold water and put for day to the cool place (fridge, a balcony, a cellar or the basement), then drain water and fill in repeatedly, but for two hour.3. Well 3% solution of table salt helps to eliminate bitterness. Take a pan on three liters, pour into it two liters of water and heat to a boiling point. Add 60 g of salt to liquid and boil solution 2-3 minutes, then fill up berries (1 kg) and you cook them in salt solution of 3-5 minutes.4. It is possible to get rid of bitterness of berries and by means of honey. Take 0.5 kg of honey, dissolve it on slow fire and slightly cool. Mix mountain ash berries with honey and leave for 8-10 hours.5. Will well soften bitterness and antonovka will give to your jam light sourness. On 1 kilogram of berries of a rowan take 300 grams of juicy antonovka. Wash apples, remove cores with sunflower seeds and as it is possible more thinly cut off a peel (so you keep all vitamins). Cut their small into cubes and blanch within 5-8 minutes separately from a rowan. Apples are added already to the rowan boiling in a sugar syrup (at once at the first stage).

3. Take a three-liter pan, gain in it one and a half liters of water and put on fire. In the begun to boil liquid lower the prepared berries of a rowan and citric acid, bring to a boiling point and lower fire. You cook a rowan of 10 minutes on slow fire. That water flew down, cast away berries on a colander, then again scatter them on a towel.

4. While berries dry, prepare syrup. Pour into a pan liter of water and heat to a boiling point. Lower gas and, constantly stirring slowly, slowly pour sugar. You cook syrup for five minutes on small fire.

5. In ready syrup fill up the dried-up berries and bring them to the boil. Periodically stirring slowly, you cook berries of a rowan of 20 minutes. Set aside the received mix aside for 10 hours.

6. Later the put time, put a pan with jam on fire again and bring to the boil. Lower fire and you cook a rowan of minutes twenty on slow fire. Then remove berries from fire and set aside aside for an hour. Repeat the similar procedure 4 times. Close a cover and remove aside for 5-6 hours.

7. Again bring your jam to a boiling point and take out from it rowan berries, continuing to cook syrup until until it thickens. After that connect berries to syrup again and you boil 1-2 more minutes. Pour even more hotly jam in the sterilized banks and roll up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team