How to make salad cake

How to make salad cake

Each hostess constantly puzzles what to prepare. And on a holiday table there is always a wish to prepare that that brand new and not usual. Preparation of salad cake won't take you a lot of time, but the result will undoubtedly please both guests, and relatives.

It is required to you

  • Pat-a-cake, in packing of 5 pieces, production the grain house
  • Crabsticks 1 packing, 250 g
  • Egg of 5 pieces
  • Sausage 300-400
  • Cheese of 200 g
  • Green onions
  • Fennel
  • Mayonnaise


1. Take one layer of a lavash and smear with mayonnaise, chop small crabsticks, spread out to a lavash, from above again we smear with mayonnaise.

2. Upward we put the second layer of a lavash, we smear it with mayonnaise, we display small chopped sausage on a lavash and again we smear with mayonnaise.

3. We put atop the following layer of a lavash, we also smear with mayonnaise, on it we spread the cheese which is in advance rubbed on a small grater, thickness of cheese about 0.5 cm, and cheese from above it is smeared with mayonnaise.

4. We put the following lavash on cheese, we smear it with mayonnaise and on it as well as cheese, about 0.5 cm it is spread small cut eggs, or are rubbed on a grater, it already to the discretion of the hostess.

5. Over eggs we strew chopped greens, we smear with mayonnaise and from above we put a lavash.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team