How to make sauce for chicken

How to make sauce for chicken

The fragrant, correctly made chicken – the queen of any table. With potato or pasta, buckwheat or peas – it ""leaves"" just with a bang. That chicken was even more tasty, it is possible to serve to her special sauces, the most popular and tasty of which – tomato, dairy, mushroom, soy and cranberry.

Tomato sauce to chicken

Tomato sauce for chicken is cooked simply: it is necessary to take bank of tinned tomatoes, 1 processed cheese, greens and spices.

Fry pepper in an oven then to clean from a thin skin and sunflower seeds. Crush it together with tomatoes, shift in a pan, add black and paprika, salt and garlic. Put on fire. After mix boiling fire should be made an average. At once to put processed cheese in a pan (it is possible also without it). Cook before full dissolution of cheese. Don't forget to stir slowly constantly.

Milk sauce

It is necessary to cook this sauce from sour cream (200 ml), 3 garlic gloves, salt and pepper, fennel. For preparation of sauce for marinade of chicken it is necessary to pass garlic through a press, to wash up and cut fennel. Mix them and all other ingredients together.

Mushroom sauce for chicken

Probably, many know how to make sauce for chicken from mayonnaise, tomato paste, etc. But it appears it is possible it it is possible to make also of mushrooms. In combination with gentle chicken meat such sauce will be very tasty. For its preparation it is necessary to take: • 300 g of champignons; • 300 ml of cream and 100 ml of sour cream; • Pepper and salt; • 4 pieces of onions shallot; • 100 ml of vegetable oil. After preparation of ingredients it is possible to start directly cooking: fry the crushed onions in a frying pan to semi-readiness. Mushrooms – to cut, add to onions. Fry mix even minutes 20. Shift vegetables in the blender and crush so that they turned into puree. Pour mix in a pan, add to it cream. Bring on slow fire to the boil. That's all, sauce is ready.

Soy-bean sauce for giving to chicken

The soy-bean sauce for preparation of chicken becomes quite simply. It is necessary to boil soy (1/4 articles), to cast away it on a colander. Allow to flow down to water. Pound soy to gruel, add to it a flour tablespoon. Mix, adding at the same time a tablespoon of a desi and salt. Put the received mix in a pan with broth again, boil on fire of 4-5 minutes and cool.

Cranberry sauce

Perhaps, cranberry sauce is also not so popular as previous. But, nevertheless, it is very tasty. To make it, it is necessary to take a cranberry (0.4 kg), honey (2 tablespoons), one orange, a bulb, 2 spoons of olive or sunflower oil. If the cranberry frozen, then it it is necessary to defreeze and wash a baking plate with flowing water. I skin – simply to wash. Further it is necessary to squeeze out juice of the peeled orange. The peel can be used for preparation of a dried peel. Clean, crush, put onions in a stewpan or a deep frying pan and fry within 5 minutes. Add to it other ingredients, including a dried peel (2-3 tablespoons). It is good to mix everything. Cook sauce on slow fire of 20 minutes. Remove from fire and remove for 2 hours in the fridge. Now you know how to make sauce for chicken - tomato, dairy, mushroom, soy and cranberry. Prepare with pleasure!

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