How to make semolina porridge in the microwave

How to make semolina porridge in the microwave

After the invention in 1949 of the microwave oven in cookery the new era began the American engineer Spencer. Thanks to this assistant in kitchen it is possible not only to defreeze quickly products, but also just in a few minutes to prepare various dishes. In the microwave oven porridges turn out very tasty: oat, buckwheat, semolina.

Recipe of classical semolina porridge

It is express-recipe. On its embodiment several minutes will be required literally. To make classical semolina porridge on milk in the microwave, it is necessary to take: - 2 tablespoons of semolina;

- 1 glass of milk; - 20 g of a desi;

- 2 tsps of granulated sugar; - salt.

Pour into the soup plate suitable for cooking in the microwave oven, semolina and granulated sugar, add a pinch of salt and properly mix everything.

Fill in mix with milk, once again properly stir everything and put in the microwave for one and a half minutes at the power of 750 W.

The express recipe for semolina porridge is ideal for one portion. If it is necessary to make porridge for the bigger number of people, it should be prepared from other recipe.

Then get ware with semolina porridge from the microwave oven, add a desi, properly stir and again put in the microwave oven for one and a half minutes to prepare at the same power. After this time once again stir semolina porridge and give to a table. To make semolina porridge in the microwave according to other recipe, a little more time will be required. It won't affect taste of a dish, and it is possible to feed with such porridge more people. For preparation of semolina porridge according to this recipe it will be required: - 100 g of semolina; - 500 ml of milk; - 1 tablespoons of granulated sugar; - salt. Pour in milk in deep ware, with a capacity about an at liter - one and a half, add sugar and a pinch of salt, stir and bring to the boil, having put in the microwave oven for 4-5 minutes at the power of 100 W. Then part semolina with a small amount of milk to consistence of a mobile dough. Get ware with boiled milk from the microwave oven and at constant stirring pour in the divorced semolina. After that, without covering, again place ware in the microwave oven for 3 minutes at the power of 100 W. Then lower power up to 50 W and cook porridge 5-6 more minutes. During this time the decoy needs to mix 2 times. Then stir ready semolina porridge once again, cover and let's 5 minutes infuse.

How to make caramel porridge from semolina

This tasty and unusual semolina porridges can bring a variety the menu. For its preparation it is required: - 1 ½ l of cream or milk; - ¾ glass of semolina; - 200 g of walnuts; - 1 glass of granulated sugar. Pour 0.3 glasses of granulated sugar into the shelled kernels of walnuts and their istolkita in a mortar. Pour in cream or milk in a pan, put on fire and, continuously stirring slowly, bring to the boil. Then pour a thin stream semolina, continuously stirring slowly, add istolchenny walnuts with sugar and you cook porridge until thick.

Ware for the microwave oven has to be from heat resisting material: glasses, plastic, ceramics, porcelain and faience. The main thing - it shouldn't be made of metal and not have brilliant dusting.

Then remove semolina porridge from fire, shift in the ware intended for the microwave oven and bake in the microwave oven within 2-3 minutes that the ruddy skin from above was formed. After that get semolina porridge from the microwave and pour out evenly on a zarumyanenny skin the remained sugar. Then again place porridge in the microwave oven, strengthen heating to a maximum and, having installed the timer for 3 minutes, bake semolina porridge before caramelization of sugar.

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