How to make semolina porridge with fruit

How to make semolina porridge with fruit

Semolina is received from firm grades of wheat. It differs in balance of mineral composition and high nutritiousness. To diversify taste of semolina porridge and to enrich it with a number of vitamins it is possible by means of various fruit. It will make porridge not only useful, but also much more appetizing that is especially important for children.

It is required to you

  • milk or cream – 0.5 l;
    • semolina – 0.5 glasses;
    • egg – 1 piece;
    • vanillin;
    • sugar;
    • fresh fruit


1. For preparation of porridge take a pan with non-stick coating since semolina easily burns. Pour in milk or cream and bring to the boil on average fire. Pour semolina. In order that when cooking porridge lumps weren't formed, add semolina to the boiling milk through a sieve. Or stir grain in a small amount of warm milk and pour in mix in a pan. You cook at weak boiling of 3-5 minutes, constantly stirring slowly with porridge. Remove from a plate and let's grain inflate within 10-15 minutes.

2. After porridge slightly cools down, add to it egg, carefully mix. It is better to make it by means of the mixer, then porridge will become more air. During beating add vanillin and sugar to taste. For giving of a sweet taste instead of sugar it is possible to use honey. It should be added just before giving on a table. In hot porridge, at a temperature over 40 wasps, honey will lose the useful properties.

3. For addition in semolina porridge it is better to use apples, pears, bananas, peaches, cherry, sweet cherry. From berries - raspberry, blackberry, strawberry. Cut fruit on segments or cubes. Remove stones from cherry and sweet cherry, especially it is important if porridge is cooked for the child. Add fruit to porridge. It is in addition possible to use cinnamon. It will be good in combination with apples and cherry.

4. If you want to use dried fruits, then previously wet them for 1 hour in cold water. Dry a napkin and only then put in porridge.

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