How to make shawarma

How to make shawarma

The shawarma known still as shawarma, - a thin lavash with a stuffing from a fatty chopped meat and vegetables with spices. It is possible not only to buy this tasty high-calorie dish in special institutions, but also to prepare houses.

Shawarma with chicken

Shawarma with chicken less kaloriyn as chicken meat is considered dietary. It it is simpler to prepare houses, than flat cake with meat stuffing and on taste it will be more gentle.

Will be required:

- big Armenian lavash, 1 piece; - meat of chicken, 200 grams; - carrots, 1 piece; - onions, 1 head;

- cabbage; 100 grams; - cucumber, 1 piece; - tomato, 1 piece; - mayonnaise, 5 tablespoons; - sour cream, 5 tablespoons; - kefir, 5 tablespoons; - garlic, 2 cloves; - greens; - curry seasoning.

Well wash chicken meat in flowing water, boil until ready, divide into fibers and fry in a frying pan with addition of vegetable oil. Prepare vegetables. Chop cabbage, grate carrots, cut onions and a tomato half rings, a cucumber – straws. On the developed Armenian lavash, 30х30 in size, layers lay out a vegetable stuffing: cabbage, carrots, onions, a cucumber and tomato, from above add chicken. Make sauce: mix a nimbus or the blender kefir, sour cream, mayonnaise with garlic. Sauce meat - a vegetable stuffing, inwrap a lavash roll and fry in a frying pan with a desi on both sides.

Shawarma with veal in pita

A bit different taste at shawarma in which meat, vegetables and greens are wrapped in pita.

Pita is an unsweetened pastries with "pocket" inside in which stack a stuffing.

For preparation of such shawarma of the house it will be required to you: - cutting of veal, 500 grams; - pita; - cucumbers fresh, 2 pieces; - cucumber marinated, 1 pieces; - tomatoes, 2 pieces; - vinegar, 200 ml; - garlic, 3 heads; - spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, a curry, cardamom, paprika) to taste; - salad, green onions; - sour cream (15%), 200 ml. Since evening cut thin steaks and pickle veal in garlic, spices and vinegar sauce. Dry meat a towel in the morning and fry thoroughly in the frying pan watered with sunflower oil to a brown crust.

Check whether meat is ready, it is easy: it is enough to pierce of it a fork. If kranovaty liquid is emitted – meat isn't fried thoroughly if transparent – it is possible to get safely.

Cut meat on smaller oblong pieces and bake them in a heated-up oven of 20 minutes. Cut tomatoes and cucumbers straws. Make sauce. For this purpose mix sour cream with crushed by garlic, green onions and marinated cucumber. Cut pita in half. On it smear sauce, and from above lay salad, tomatoes and cucumbers, veal. From above sauce a stuffing and close the soulmate of pita.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team