How to make soft beef

How to make soft beef

Beef dishes - nourishing, fragrant. It is possible to make soups, steak, minced-meat cutlets of it. There is a lot of recipes, to choose suitable simply if there is a piece of a fresh soft meat. It is easy make it such in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • kefir;
    • greens;
    • carrots;
    • fat;
    • sleeve;
    • mineral water;
    • mustard;
    • salt for loosening of meat;
    • lemon;
    • red dry wine;
    • vegetable oil;
    • frying pan;
    • kitchen hammer;
    • board for cutting of meat.


1. Get a steak, better cooled. That part of beef which is near a bone is the softest. If to cut off it, to fill carrots and fat, to bake in a sleeve in an oven, the tasty rich dish will turn out.

2. Buy lemons. They should be taken with calculation - 2 pieces on 1 kilogram of beef. Put meat in the enameled bowl, rub with salt and squeeze out juice of a citrus. Put capacity in the fridge for the night and then prepare from the recipe. Beef turns out very soft.

3. Take 200 grams of mustard, grease with it the most part of beef (2-3 kg), you can slice previously meat and process spice already flank steaks. Leave marinade for 8-10 hours in the dry cool place, after that be engaged in preparation.

4. Mix red dry wine and water in equal proportions, fill in meat and put in the fridge for 5-7 hours, then move in the room with air temperature 18-20 degrees for a couple of hours and prepare as usual. Beef after soaking in this solution turns out tasty and soft.

5. Buy special salt for loosening of meat. It is on sale in shops. It is necessary to use it very moderately, literally on a piece of beef weighing 200 grams spice on a knife tip is required. Cutting of soft it becomes instant, such processing can be carried out before preparation of steaks, for example.

6. Wet meat a whole piece in kefir for 12 hours. The same way pickle beef in mineral water. You can small chop greens: parsley, fennel, onions. Cover cutting or meat on a bone and leave in the dry cool place for the night, and then prepare from any recipe. Such marinade well softens even the most rigid parts, in particular, after freezing.

7. Take a frying pan, put it on moderate fire. On a cutting board beat off a portioned meat a knife or the hammer, try to process pieces on slanting, so beef will turn out more friable. Put meat to be fried, wait until it gives juice, add vegetable oil and after that use salt. You shouldn't continue processing more than 7-10 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team