How to make steaks in an oven

How to make steaks in an oven

An opportunity to cook steaks on a grill over the heated coals was always advantage of a barbecue under the open sky. Nevertheless, there are other ways to make steak, having sealed meat fibers that juice didn't flow out.

Preparation of steaks in an oven – more useful way, besides meat turns out gentle and tasty.

1.      Warm an oven to 120 °C.

2.      Take a frying pan and grease it with a small amount of vegetable oil. Include a plate and fry steaks on a minute from each party on average fire.

3.      Grease with a small amount of vegetable oil the baking tray covered with a foil and put in an oven. As soon as steak stopped being fried in a frying pan, put it on the baking tray standing in an oven. Do it with each steak.

4.      Close a door of an oven and cook steaks at a temperature of 120 °C of 3-4 hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team