How to make stewed beet

Beet at suppression doesn't lose the useful properties. It belongs to low-calorie dishes, it can be eaten in a post. Consumption of beet promotes decrease in cholesterol, removal of toxins and slags from a human body. Stewed beet can be served as an independent dish or to meat roast.

Stewed beet in smetaneingrediyenta:

- 500 g of beet; - glass of sour cream;

- 1 carrot, parsley root; - 50 g of oil; - on 1 tablespoon of sugar, torments, lemon juice; - salt.

Cut carrot, beet and parsley with straws, put in a pan, sprinkle lemon juice, extinguish a baking plate a cover of 40 minutes. Sometimes add oil and stir slowly beet.

In a frying pan fry flour with oil, add salt, sugar, flour. Boil 2 minutes. Season with this sour cream sauce ready vegetables. Stewed beet in masleingrediyenta: - 3 beets; - 1 roots of a celery, carrot; - 2 tablespoons of a desi; - 1 tablespoon of flour; - 1 h vinegar spoon; - sugar, salt, lavrushka. Peel vegetables, cut beet, a celery and carrot with straws, put in a pan, add vinegar, oil and a small amount of water. Mix, extinguish until ready vegetables. Add flour to ready vegetables, stir, add sugar and salt to taste, put bay leaf, mix, you boil 10 more minutes. Give hot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team