How to make suluguni

How to make suluguni

Suluguni is a tasty salty cottage Georgian cheese. This cheese can very easily be made in house conditions. For its preparation fat cow's, goat, sheep or buffalo milk is used. Depending on the chosen milk color of cheese fluctuates from white to light yellow. Suluguni has moderately salty sour-milk flavor and a smell. Consistence of cheese - dense, elastic, slightly layered.

It is required to you

  • To receive 1 kg of cheese:
    • 10 liters of milk (cow
    • goat
    • sheep or buffalo)
    • 1 g of pepsin (is on sale in pharmacies or specialized shops)
    • 1 glass of milk for ferment


1. To receive ferment, part 1 gram of pepsin in a glass of milk of room temperature.

2. Filter milk through a marlechka or a small sieve. Then put on fire in not enameled ware and warm up up to 30 degrees.

3. Add ferment to the warmed-up milk and leave for half an hour in the warm place.

4. After 30 minutes put milk on slow fire again. As weight is displaced, she will need to be collected to one wall of ware. It will take you about 5 minutes

5. Wring out the received lump from surplus of serum and put in a superficial bowl. Then cast away on a colander and let's flow down a little.

6. Leave a green cheese to wander in a small amount of serum at several o'clock in the warm room.

7. In several hours check whether the green cheese is ready to further processing. For this purpose cut off a stripe of cheese and dip it into the warmed-up water for several minutes. If the cheese strip easily stretched, but didn't tear, means it is possible to continue preparation of suluguni.

8. Cut cheese on tapes two centimeters thick. In a pan warm up water to 80-90 degrees. Lower the cut cheese in water that it melted. You cook the received weight on slow fire and stir slowly with a wooden scapula in one direction.

9. When cheese melts, remove a pan from fire. Create a cheese curd in a lump, pull out from a pan and give the form of a circle. Only be careful, don't forget that cheese very hot. Then cool the received cheese, having dipped it into cool water. Suluguni is ready.

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